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Parts for ingolstadt/bleached cotton

Please, contact me for further information about our needs.

9 hour, 2 minute ago Serbia credi-Icon 10

Bus Spare Parts

We have an urgent list of Bus spare parts

9 hour, 4 minute ago Iran credi-Icon 10

Anti-sound paints

Paint the walls of the assembly hall.

9 hour, 7 minute ago Russia credi-Icon 10

Napkins regular import to Georgia

We are interested to import woman napkins 230mm cellulose napkins with wings,SAP 0.01gr,Total weight 5.5 gr.

9 hour, 12 minute ago Georgia credi-Icon 10

Steel pipes for construction

we are the biggest construction company here and we are looking to buY iron and pipe

9 hour, 16 minute ago Israel credi-Icon 10

Vinyl Floorings

Please provide me with your quotations as per the following requirements:

9 hour, 34 minute ago United Arab Emirates credi-Icon 10

Request of Turkish tea

We would like to find a turkish supplier of best quality

9 hour, 37 minute ago United Kingdom credi-Icon 10

Power generators quotation

Kindly requested to give a quotation price & delivery time plus guarantee

9 hour, 39 minute ago Libya credi-Icon 10

Cement 6600 tons

I need price, CIF Mauririus, for 6.600ton of cement 32,5 or 42,5 depending on the quality(bulk or big bag)

9 hour, 43 minute ago Mozambique credi-Icon 10

Interested in Rebars

Can you please provide the best price CIF Maputo for the following:

9 hour, 47 minute ago Mozambique credi-Icon 10